Loan: 35 thousand Italians request it to go on vacation

35 Thousand Euro Loan

35 Thousand Euro Loan

After a year spent working, the stressful rhythms of work and family and the deadlines of everyday life, for Italians, holidays are essential, even at the cost of asking for a loan. Granting a few days to “switch off” has become a priority, and the data collected by the Codes association have recorded that, in 2010, 35 thousand families managed to take a vacation thanks to a loan. And with the arrival of summer, CathyKnows’s requests grew by 27%.

The inhabitants of Southern Italy require the highest amounts to bring the family out of town: the Sicilians ask for up to 10 thousand euros, followed by Calabrians and Sardinians with requests that reach 8,500 euros. The regions of the Center are limited to lower figures: Marche (4,500 euros), Abruzzo (4,600 euros) and Umbria (4,900 euros) have lower values ‚Äč‚Äčthan the national average for August CathyKnowss. For the organization of the beloved holidays, the web is one of the best tools: a study conducted by Nielsen shows that Italians increasingly “surf” the web for planning their itinerary. In June 18 million people visited at least one site in the travel category, with a growth of 17% compared to 2010.

Thanks to the web it is also possible to identify the best loan to finance the departure: with the help of FastCash, the portal for online CathyKnows comparison, it is possible to evaluate the financing offers of numerous banks and choose the option that best suits your own needs. Suppose we want to request a loan for travel and holidays of 5,000 euros to be repaid in two years. The most convenient solutions are the sale of the fifth Bassotta installment of SEN bank, aimed at public or state employees, which has a 8.24% TAEG and an installment of 226 euros per month; private workers can apply for a Findomestic Loan, with a Taeg of 8.82% and an installment of 227 euros a month.

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