Head of Business Development

In general, the main function of the head of business development is to identify and carry out the best possible opportunities for company growth such as the study of competition and its activities in the business. He is responsible for the development and implementation of a revenue growth plan. This person can manage a sales team or a partner with other sales-related departments in order to determine the most effective way to grow a company’s business. The evaluation of financial information and the development of analysis reports are other important functions carried out by this person.

Discovering new opportunities through market research and analysis is part of the most important tasks of the head of business development. He is responsible for developing strategies for new products and services that can meet both the needs of the market and the company.

In short, it is concerned with improving efficiency and increasing productivity in a business organization or company.

Letter K – emprender
Key Account Manager (KAM)

The “Key Account Manager” or KAM is the sales person who has responsibility for managing key accounts of the company understood “key account” that client that turnover or relevance can directly affect the present and future development Of our organization. This influence may be related to sales, profitability or strategic organizational position.

If the Pareto law is fulfilled we will have that 20% of our accounts make 80% of our sales. If so, the KAM should “pamper” that 20% of accounts being careful with the way it treats these customers (you have to keep in mind that asking one of those customers can be a great loss for our company.

Do not confuse “Key Account” and KAM: the Key Account is the account while the KAM is the sales executive in charge of attending the key account.
As indicated Anuor Aguilar a KAM is the person who manages the account and therefore must have the skills for this. You must know the methodology of key account management (Customer Management) that will allow you to develop a customer strategy, integrating the business plan, and manage a detailed 18 – month plan. It is also assigned key management indicators (KPIs) to monitor customer evolution each day. This group of indicators is detailed in the customer’s KPI Framework.
The assignment of a KAM in the company to a key account is the beginning of a process of customer management that ensures that these accounts and the company can remain healthy and sustainable over time.
Tasks and Functions

– Detect business opportunities and expand the portfolio already existing within the active client portfolio.
– Coordinate the commercial strategy with the Marketing department.
– Develop commercial proposals and presentation of them.
– Achieving strategic sales targets
– Define and implement the commercial strategy for the main national accounts.
-Develop an integrated strategy for key company accounts.
– Negotiate trade agreements with customers.
– Analyze sales data to improve the results of large accounts under your responsibility.
– Identification of new business opportunities and loyalty of the existing client portfolio.